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Message from Founders.

Campaign for Positive Development, Inc.

Positive  Reinforcements  for  Underserved  Communities:
Help  us  to assist  those  who  need  it  most!

The Campaign for Positive Development, Inc.(CPD)  is a 501(c)3 charitable,
non-profit organization, established in 1995.
Through funding received from tax-deductibile donations,
sponsorships and income from products and programs, CPD
provides underserved youth and adults with
positive-reinforcement programs and products,
which are delivered and implemented
through volunteers and consultants.

Your donations are extremely important and very much appreciated! 

Think Positive World Global Initiative

Think Positive World is a multi-platform, collaborative “movement” to accelerate positive change in communities worldwide. TPWGI provides the necessary tools, techniques and framework to assist individuals of all ages in achieving their dreams, by creating a more positive mindset, mastering daily stress and building self-esteem & confidence. The “Think Positive World” brand represents a highly interactive, unique blending of positive-reinforcement programs, products and entertainment projects. The hub of the entire initiative is this website, which is the centerpiece for all community programs, Internet marketing strategies and multi-media projects.  Read more…

How each of us can play our role in accelerating
peace & well-being on the planet:

* Open your heart
* Live your life’s purpose
* Know your “Rights as a Person”
* Honor your “Responsibilities as a Person”
* Be in optimum physical and mental health
* Treat everyone with kindness & compassion
* Keep daily stress at an absolute minimum
* Be governed by your spiritual connection
* Think positive, high quality thoughts
as often as possible

  • Build your self-esteem
  • Be in constant gratitude
  • Be humble and understanding
  • Live your life from essence…not ego
  • Be in service to others
  • Be a steward of the planet
  • Be ethical and truthful – starting with yourself
  • Know and trust that good things are on the horizon
  • Financial freedom

Positive – Theme – of – the – Month

– May –

Always remember that you are an ever-loving,
thinking-feeling person…
And you deserve to be treated as such!



Spreading the seeds of positivity to cities and communities nationwide.

The climate is fertile for the Think Positive America Campaign to plant new seeds of possibilities, to recapture the heart of America and show the world that we are united for the greater good.  Our current pilot program, Think Positive New York, is leading the way to a 12-state, 15 city nationwide bus tour planned for 2018.

Think Positive New York  – Update:

  • Meeting with leaders regarding Think Positive New York
  • Setting up mastermind meeting with NY leaders
  • Working on expansion of positive programs for NYC schools & Community
  • Getting positive-reinforcements to homeless shelters
  • Creating partnerships for major funding of  Think Positive New York projects
  • Promoting the 30-Day Think Positive Challenge for everyone
  • Completing anti-bullying documentary


Arts-based Anti-bully, Self-esteem Program for Schools Achieving Amazing Success in the Bronx!


  • Give children, even under the most adverse conditions, the greatest opportunity to succeed.  
  • Create a positive environment in all schools and surrounding community 
  • Spread diversity and build self-esteem 
  • Stop bullying 
  • Embed character traits 
  • Help teachers and parents master daily stress


For Businesses, Organizations, Institutions, Government

We are experts in creating a positive climate in the workplace.
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Promote employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Give back to the community

PS 55 Student on the red carpet at our Think Positive World launch event on March 31st

Take the 30-DAY

Make the shift to a positive mindset. This program is designed to support you in shifting a lifetime of
negative programming and reinventing yourself.  Be the Director of your life…It’s your movie!

7 Wisdom Tips to Minimize Daily Stress


7 wisdom Tips to Minimize Daily Stress

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Keeps you on track throughout the day
think positive thumbnail
Boost your child’s Self-Esteem for years to come
with the “I’m A Person” Self-Esteem Kit for Families!                                        
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tpa logo cd baby 6:26:14           “Think Positive America” album  Songs for Positive Change.    

       Available on iTunes and Amazon!      

     Yes…Our signature song “I’m A Person is included in this album.

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Feature-length Documentary –  a powerful anti-bully message Trailer:


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